Inside Hammerforce

Andy Coster

Andy Coster

Chief Executive Officer. Strategy Leader.

Board of Directors: Executive Director. Chief Executive Officer.

Andy’s diverse career began at A.T. Kearney, a global management consultancy in London, Australia and New Zealand. Andy led a number of strategic projects for a variety of industries from retail, manufacturing and financial services to aerospace, solving complex business problems alongside world leading thinkers, top of the class Harvard graduates, and not a lot of kiwis from Manurewa.

Returning to NZ in 2000 Andy immersed himself in the corporate world in a general management role at Carter Holt Harvey. Heading up corporate strategic projects, Andy then moved into managing a specialised business unit and was responsible for taking what was effectively a cost structure, and turning it into a successful, profitable, commercial business.

The entrepreneur within was never going to be defined by corporate structure for long and 2002 saw Andy co-found a new business. This business was set to completely disrupt the market research industry. Using intellectual capital to tackle real problems for global companies across a multitude of industries, the company grew to become a market leader. With long term contracts creating annuity revenues, the company was sold in 2017 to a FTSE 100 firm, a firm who had scanned the world looking for innovative business models to disrupt industry.

Surrounding himself with people who think differently, allowing for a multi-dimensional approach to problem solving is a proven and effective strategy for Andy. Adopted at a young age, and growing up in South Auckland, with epilepsy and undiagnosed dyslexia, Andy has had more than his fair share of adversity. He is a proud and strong spokesman for dyslexia, seeing it as a positive part of his journey, something which allows him to approach challenges differently, giving him empathy and the courage to really understand the people around him. With two children in their late teens, Andy has taken a keen interest in the development of children, particularly relating to learning difficulties, resulting in his time on the St Cuthbert’s School for Girls’ Board.

Testament to this approach is the breadth of support Andy has for his current venture, Hammerforce. Surrounded by a world class board, and a diverse, highly intellectual and creative team, many of whom have worked with Andy in other industries over the years.

Hammerforce is an exciting, new and revolutionary company built off a unique IP. The enthusiasm for the IP is palpable across the business. Its uniqueness lies not only in its delivery of unparalleled power force, but also its scalability and leveragability across multiple industries on a global scale. Effectively taking an industry disruptive innovation to full commercialisation across a number of industries is something Andy is very familiar with.

Andy has a Master of Commerce (First Class Hons) in Corporate Strategy; a Post Graduate Diploma of Commerce in Operations Management and Marketing; and a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance, all from the University of Auckland. He is also one of the youngest people to present a paper to the World Strategic Management Society in the USA.