Inside Hammerforce

Richard Evans

Richard Evans

Chief Operating Officer. Operations Leader.

Problems never faze Richard, solving them in a holistic and creative way is a way of life for him. With a background heavily steeped in pure Mathematics, he graduated with a PhD from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), followed by a 3 year post Doctorate studying at Rice University in Houston Texas.

2005, saw Richard in his first role outside of academia, where he worked with Andy Coster for a start-up market research business, set to completely disrupt the market research industry, using intellectual capital to tackle real problems for global companies across a multitude of industries. Here Richard had a taste for business and completed an MBA at the University of Auckland. Enjoying the global aspect of the business, solving complex problems across a range of industries and the highly effective team-based culture, Richard progressed through the company from consultant to client director, before it was sold to a FTSE 100 company.

Fast forward to 2017, Andy and Richard are revolutionising again. This time for Hammerforce. An exciting, new and revolutionary company built off a unique IP. Richard has been instrumental in bringing this IP from conception phase through to full commercialisation. The enthusiasm for the IP is palpable across the business. With support from a world class board Richard enjoys working in this fast paced yet supportive environment. Building the team has been crucial to success, and Richard has been part of formalising a structure to support both wide and deep thinkers, creators and builders, engineers and marketers. From design led thinkers to technical solutions-based minds, it’s a challenging and exciting place to be.

Having travelled extensively during his tertiary education and beyond, Richard now resides in Auckland where he was born and raised. Growing up in a home full of academic debates and discussions, Richard was influenced through his father’s strong commercial success. Married and a father of three, Richard is keen on active pursuits such as cycling and windsurfing balanced with those of a more academic nature.

Richard has a PhD (Pure Mathematics) from University of Michigan (Ann Arbor); and an MBA from University of Auckland. He has received a range of awards and scholarships including a Fulbright as well as publishing leading research mathematics journals and has been invited to present at global conferences.