The Technology

Dose Chamber Assembly

An ingenious yet simple mechanism, Hammerforce extracts thermodynamic energy in a way other technology simply can’t, transforming it into a revolutionary force.

Hammerforce Engineer working with parts

Desire to disrupt

The technology was developed out of frustration and desire. Frustration with the lack of innovation over the past several decades in industrial force options. Desire to disrupt the industry acceptance of the sub-optimal power performance of traditional and often dirty energy sources.

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Hammerforce Valve Piston cutaway

Delivery of unparalleled power force

The outcome was a revolutionary technology that delivers a clean, consistent and potent power source through the application of lightning speed control of compressed air. The uniqueness of this IP lies not only in its delivery of unparalleled power force, but also its scalability and leveragability across multiple industries on a global scale.

Partnering for Competitive Advantage

At Hammerforce, we partner with and license our technology to organisations allowing them to achieve more. We enable our partners to gain a competitive advantage by applying our technology as an ingredient to improve products or applications that need instant power delivered consistently.

Hammerforce Engineers working with product prototypes

Benefits of Hammerforce™ Technology

  • POWERFUL: High power compared to mechanism size
  • FAST: Reaches peak force very quickly
  • EFFICIENT: Uses less air to achieve the same force
  • SCALABLE: Size, power, and flow rate
  • SAFE: Can operate safely in wet or explosive situations as it is fully mechanical
  • CLEAN: Environmentally friendly as it runs solely on air, creating no emissions and no waste stream
  • CONSISTENT: Same performance every time
  • RELIABLE: Long lifetime with no degradation in performance

Engineer working on jet engine

Applicable to a broad range of industries

Hammerforce currently has multiple products in R&D across a broad range of industries, including but not limited to animal termination, construction, industrial tools, marine/aviation, medical devices, military, oil & gas/mining, robotics, search & rescue and transportation.