Our valve revolution

Pioneering valve and actuation technology producing powerful industry outcomes.

Hammerforce’s next generation valve and actuation IP is delivering revolutionary applications:

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FORCE Technology

Highly efficient ways to use the clean power of high-pressure air to drive piston or projectile systems.

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FLOW Technology

Highly precise, lightweight and compact ways to control fluid and gas flows in industrial situations.

Not your typical IP company

When you partner with Hammerforce, we don’t just share our IP.

We understand the economics of your industry, the challenges you face, and your market dynamics.

Find out how

Collaboration and partnership

We collaborate with our partners to develop bespoke, patent-protected solutions using our valve and actuation IP, so they can:

  • gain significant commercial and cost advantages
  • create a pipeline of customised patent-protected products that redefine industries
  • create sustainability and ESG advantages
  • use the technology to inspire and energise internal company cultures.

The Technology

Peak performance

Combined valve and actuation IP delivering outstanding performance.

Rapid power and portability for customised pistons and launchers

Experience Force

Precision and high flow-to-size valves for isolation, pressure relief and pulse control

Experience Flow

Why Hammerforce?

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Value creators

We create competitive advantage through exclusive access to proven IP and know-how, delivering value through total cost of ownership, sustainability and performance benefits in your industry sector.


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Innovation accelerators

Our next generation valve and actuation IP is delivering revolutionary innovations and applications that can accelerate transformation across multiple industries.

Technology overview

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Active partners

Hammerforce is all about partnerships. We actively collaborate with our partners to develop bespoke IP together, allowing you to extend IP protection of your new products, or extend into new segments or markets.

Sharing value

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ESG enablers

Our established technology uses air as a superior green energy power source that enables profound changes to business models, industries and the environment.

Supporting decarbonisation

World of opportunity

UK head of international management consultancy Roland Berger, Phil Dunne, talks about the global industry implications of Hammerforce’s valve and actuation IP.