A potent and efficient globally patented force mechanism for precision control of high pressure air.

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Hammerforce is an IP based company with a breakthrough force actuation technology that has distinct advantages over traditional pneumatic, hydraulic, combustion, battery or electric power options used by global industrial companies in their devices.

This innovative force actuation technology allows a step change improvement in the performance of mechanisms at the heart of industrial devices requiring high force delivered quickly.

  • Piston Mechanisms
  • Launch Mechanisms
  • Fast Pulse Air Flow

The fundamental benefits that all Hammerforce mechanisms have over traditional technologies is that they are significantly more powerful (superior power to weight ratio), fast (reaches peak force very quickly), efficient, scalable, environmentally friendly (just air, no harmful emissions or waste stream), safe (no sparks, no electronics, no batteries, no combustion), reliable and consistent.

Hammerforce utilises up to thousands of PSI to produce purely mechanical solutions, replacing traditional pneumatic, hydraulic, combustion, battery or electric power options used by global industrial companies.

Dose Chamber Assembly

A revolutionary force

An ingenious yet simple mechanism, Hammerforce extracts thermodynamic energy in a way other technology simply can’t, transforming it into a revolutionary force. The uniqueness of this IP lies not only in its delivery of unparalleled power force, but also its scalability and leveragability across multiple industries on a global scale.

Hammerforce Engineers working at computer

A force for good

Almost every industry globally is wanting more. More efficiency. More performance, more power. But today, it’s no longer acceptable to achieve that advantage at the cost of both people and planet.

At Hammerforce, we partner with and license our technology to organisations allowing them to achieve more.

More efficiency, more performance and much more power. Without the cost to our environment or the health and wellbeing of our people.

We call it A FORCE FOR GOOD. This idea sits at the heart of the business, and influences all we do.

Globally award-winning

Powered by Hammerforce technology, the innovative Airbow® Framer has won major design awards around the globe, all within 12 months of its release. The awards are great recognition for the Airbow and Hammerforce teams.

Good Design Australia 2019


Good Design Australia 2019

Category: Product (Commercial and Industrial)

London Design Week Awards 2019


London Design Week Awards 2019

Category: Product Design Industrial



International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) from IDSA (Chicago, 2019)

Category: Commercial & Industrial Products