Our Story

What drives Hammerforce?

A good idea solves a problem, a truly great idea creates change.
That’s how we view our valve and actuation IP.

How we began

Hammerforce began as a visionary team in New Zealand, tasked with solving the global problem of improving costly, cumbersome and unsustainable combustion and battery-based piston systems.

Our solution was to use air as a superior power source, with a unique valve and compact actuator design that delivers high force, with all the benefits of mobility, but in a more efficient and cleaner way.

The result is now much more than a global award-winning design. It’s led to a realisation that our valve and actuation IP has exciting performance, efficiency and cost implications for a diverse range of applications and industries from high pressure force, to precision flow control – and it’s now revolutionising the businesses of our growing stable of global partners.

Our passion

Hammerforce is passionate about making a transformative difference to our partners’ businesses, through our valve and actuation IP. If technology is the science, our art is the know-how to customise it and accelerate commercialisation.

We see our partners’ operations as holistic, interdependent systems, in which our IP can be tuned and scaled to drive performance, and offer ESG and cost benefits across entire processes.

Often, Hammerforce technology solves more than a technical problem, it provides a commercial solution to an issue at the heart of our partner’s strategy.

Team plus tech

Hammerforce offers a unique fusion; a board and executive team with global business credentials, and the wisdom and foresight to guide, supported by world-class engineers for whom innovation and technology advancement is business as usual.

It works.

It’s this multi-talented collective that innovates with our partners to expand our valve patent portfolio to deliver new solutions and competitive advantage.

Key Personnel

A Hammerforce engineer wearing a white lab coat, smiling at the camera