Force technology

Next generation piston and launcher applications which harness the clean power of air, generating high force in milliseconds from compact mechanisms.

Precision power

Our valve and actuation IP for piston and launcher applications delivers force and performance with incredible efficiency, outperforming legacy power options (combustion, hydraulics or electrics), resulting in cost, commercial and ESG benefits. This greater efficiency enables previously fixed equipment to become mobile and powered remotely.

Key applications

Abstract image of an explosive force


Exceptional force delivered safely, and in milliseconds

Piston applications

Image showing rocket boosters in action, with air shooting through


Highly compact and efficient propulsion mechanisms

Launcher applications

Air is the answer

Increasingly, global industry is facing pressure to find environmentally-friendly solutions to operations. By harnessing the power of air, Hammerforce’s valve and actuation IP is enabling businesses to meet these demands by:

  • offering cleaner and more sustainable solutions
  • creating a simpler, more resilient supply chain by having air as a power source
  • being able to meet growing regulatory changes
  • being more ethically & socially responsible in the workplace and beyond.