Pulse valves

A highly customisable design that accurately and consistently doses pulses of pressurised gas at extremely short intervals.

Power, speed & efficiency

Hammerforce’s pulse valve can be adapted and scaled for a wide range of systems, from traditional industrial processes to high-performance niche applications.

Pulse valve benefits

PowerMaximised instantaneous wave front pressure
EfficiencyMaximised specific energy extraction
Speed & precisionPrecise millisecond dosing with microsecond pulse duration accuracy/control
RobustnessBest practice design with high/low temperature durability and extensive testing
Lifetime costRetrofittable, low BOM cost, low energy and maintenance costs
Pressure distributionLifetime of high pressure due to balanced architecture and robust sealing
Safety & complianceIntrinsic safety and designed for regulation compliance

Example industry applications

Atomic layer deposition/etchingAtomised flavouringsPlanned avalanche triggering
Coating depositionCold gas thrustersDe-icing
Filter jet cleaningHigh-harmonic generationSorting

Better by design

The components and construction of our valve IP deliver competitive advantage, as well as efficiency, sustainability and safety benefits:

  • integrates with small, light and low-cost versions of well-accepted actuator technologies
  • easy in-line serviceability reduces maintenance costs
  • lack of cavities for hygienic applications
  • low complexity valve and actuator assemblies allow localisation and simplified supply chains
  • low-cost actuated valve packages can encourage investment in automation, and less risk to manual operators.
Abstract render of a circular explosion in blue and red