Transformative technology

Hammerforce licenses a growing portfolio of patents for valve and actuation technology which deliver outstanding performance in two fundamentally different ways: force and flow.

Exceptionally scalable, tuneable, and compact, the technology can be used for a broad range of applications, sizes, and operation conditions.

Our valve and actuation IP can be applied to several different industries.

Force & Flow

Our valve and actuation IP is perfectly suited to many industry applications:


High force processes that require rapid power delivered consistently, such as pistons and launch mechanisms.

Experience Force


Flow systems that provide leak tight on/off control, quickly react to process flow situations, or produce directed pulses of gas (chemicals or air). 

Experience Flow

Core IP

Hammerforce’s revolutionary force and flow control applications have given rise to a growing portfolio of IP, and we continue to extend the boundaries of valve and actuation technology.

Fundamentals underpinning the IP portfolio:

Dose valve & hammer

This uniquely balanced system enables low actuation force demands, and independent opening and closing leads to better flow control for efficient, high speed actuation where required.

Compact layout

Tight nesting of the inlet chamber, valve and discharge chamber generates effectively instant full pressure transfer and high force, as well as high flow capacity in a very compact arrangement.

Balanced architecture

Breakthrough design enables significantly lower force to open and close the valve, all in a cost effective and easy to service design.

Technology benefits

A LNG boat cruising through the ocean A measuring device takes a reading from a stainless steel object

Scalable & tuneable

Hammerforce valve and actuation technology is adaptable to solve small and large challenges. Our technology is bespoke to our partners’ needs. This flexibility means we can solve commercial problems through systems that deliver tailored solutions.

Supporting decarbonisation

Hammerforce’s valve and actuation IP for force and flow applications not only increase performance and efficiency; our technology is sustainable.

Short and long-term sustainability and ESG benefits include;

  • eliminating or reducing consumables, including fossil fuel canisters, explosive caps or batteries
  • being inherently safer than combustion and electric systems for air-powered applications
  • lowering the lifetime cost due to reduced maintenance and durability
  • creating a simpler, more resilient supply chain by having air as a power source for piston and launcher systems
  • our flow technology requires less force to actuate valves, meaning that the valve size can be smaller and powered by less energy.