Pressure relief valves

A novel balanced valve design with outstanding flow control and efficiency, even in situations with weight or space constraints.

Control, speed & efficiency

Our valve IP can be customised for a wide range of applications, including pressure relief and safety valves.

Pressure relief valve benefits

EfficiencyAbility to run processes ‘close to set point’ without valve releasing, meaning low leakage, low wastage, and high uptime
Tuneable rapid openingControllable, rapid valve reaction with low force requirement
Lifetime costRetrofittable, low BOM cost due to lowered force requirement, low energy and maintenance costs
Longer lifeThe balanced valve means low forces on the seat/seal system which can extend lifetime and time between services
Safety & complianceIntrinsic safety and designed for regulation compliance
AccessibilityEasy access to perform service checks or maintenance

Example industry applications

Basic chemicalsBuilding technologyCoal power
Fine chemicalsFood & beverage (sanitary)Gas power
Nuclear powerOffshore oil & gas (eg. FPSO)Pharma & life science (sanitary)
Potable waterRefining/petchemSemiconductor/electronics
Upstream oil

Better by design

The components and construction of our valve IP deliver competitive advantage, as well as efficiency, sustainability and safety benefits:

  • low BOM cost
  • no cavities and no sensing tubing for hygienic applications
  • handle variable and high back-pressure
  • retrofit into typical direct-acting pressure relief valve bodies
  • compatibility with several industry-leading sealing methods to reduce emissions in various use cases
Abstract render of a circular explosion in blue and red