Isolation (On/Off) valves

Valve IP solutions delivering optimum performance with low force required from small actuators.

Precision control from low actuation force

Automated valves which require low force from small, light actuator systems, with use of industry-leading sealing methods enhancing efficiency and longevity.

Isolation (On/Off) valve benefits

EfficiencyLow force required from a compact actuator
GreenSmall footprint, conserving material and energy
PowerHigh flow rate maintained
Speed & precisionRapid open and close time with low force requirement
Simple to maintain and serviceEasy access for maintenance
Lifetime costLow energy and maintenance costs
Pressure distributionAllows for low seat wear
Safety & complianceIntrinsic safety and designed for regulation compliance

Example industry applications

Basic chemicalsBuilding technologyCoal power
Concentrated solarFine chemicalsFood & beverage (sanitary)
Gas burners in glass productionGas powerHigh-flow switching
HydrogenLNGLiquid dispensing
MiningNuclear powerOffshore oil & gas (eg. FPSO)
Pharma & life science (sanitary)Potable waterRefining/petchem
Semiconductor/electronicsUpstream oil

Better by design

The components and construction of our valve IP deliver competitive advantage, as well as efficiency, sustainability and safety benefits:

  • integrates with small, light and low cost versions of well-accepted actuator technologies
  • easy in-line serviceability reduces maintenance costs
  • can use industry-leading sealing methods delivering longevity and reliability
  • lack of cavities for hygienic applications
  • low complexity valve and actuator assemblies allow localisation and simplified supply chains
  • low cost actuated valve packages can encourage investment in automation, and less risk to manual operators.
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