Near instantaneous and exceptional force to drive a piston delivered by short consistent pulses of high-pressure air or gas.

Compact & powerful

Compact, robust, efficient piston systems, delivering fast and powerful force actuation, which use residual pressure from the drive stroke to return the piston.

Piston benefits

PowerHigh, tuneable power output
EfficiencyHigh enthalpic efficiency – requiring less energy in for more energy out
Speed & precisionMillisecond response and actuation with microsecond consistency
Weight & sizeCompact, high portability
SafetyNon-sparking, non-combustible, and non-overheating
RobustnessHandles challenging environments, and high/low temperatures
Lifetime costDurability reduces maintenance and replacement costs

Example industry applications

Animal needleless injectorBreaker/demolition impactorCAES motor
Captive bolt gunCompact emergency actuatorsDoor breaching ram actuator
High voltage circuit breakerIndustrial riveting machine actuatorLow voltage resettable circuit breaker
Pest tree injectorPneumatic motorRecoverable rocket actuators
Small satellite pinpull actuatorSoil nail launcherImpact wrench