Highly compact and efficient systems generating propulsion from short pulses of high-pressure air or gas.

Light, quiet & safe

Launcher systems with all the advantages of being light, quiet & safe – without compromising on power.

Launcher benefits

PowerHigh, tuneable power output
EfficiencyHigh enthalpic efficiency – requiring less energy in for more energy out
Speed & precisionFast response and actuation time with high release velocity
Weight & sizeCompact, high portability
SafetyNon-sparking, non-combustible, and non-overheating
RobustnessHandles extreme environments, and high/low temperatures
StealthLow sound profile and no muzzle flash
Lifetime costDurability reduces maintenance and replacement costs

Example industry applications

UAV launcherFloatation device & rope launcherLauncher for gliders
NebulizerNon & less-than-lethal gunsPneumatic toys
Recreational gunsSatellite dispenser systemSonobuoy launcher
Spacecraft stage separationSpeargunThermal spray coating
Emergency escape systemDrone defenceSpeargun