Kiwi Technology Wins Global Innovation Award

Published August 28, 2019

Kiwi entrepreneur Andy Coster and his team have won a major innovation award for a revolutionary nail gun, the Airbow® Framer, at America’s most prestigious design awards in Chicago.

The air powered technology used to power the Airbow Framer has been developed by Andy Coster’s IP company Hammerforce and offers a ground-breaking way of operating mechanical devices.

“The patented Hammerforce technology is a global first and has been proven with the Airbow nail gun. The potential for it to be used across multiple global industries is mind blowing,” Hammerforce CEO Andy Coster said.

“Powered simply by air, the technology replaces traditional power sources used in industrial devices and overcomes many of their limitations. It is essentially an air-based force mechanism which can be used to activate mechanical devices that need high force, delivered quickly.

“Traditional power options for force mechanisms include hydraulics, combustion, battery or electric power and traditional pneumatics, all of which have significant restrictions for the user. These options are not only damaging to the environment, they are often inefficient, unsafe, inconsistent, and not cost effective.

“Force mechanisms are used every day, across a multitude of global businesses, from building and construction, mining, aviation, pest control, robotics, oil & gas, food and beverage, and more.”

Last year, Hammerforce, using its technology, developed and commercially launched the portable nail gun, the Airbow Framer, in New Zealand.

“Winning the award in the US is significant recognition for Hammerforce’s technology, and for Airbow, on the back of winning top industrial design awards in both the UK and in Australia.

“We’re thrilled about Airbow,” Coster says. “These awards are dominated by well-known global brands, and we are really proud that kiwi innovation has achieved such huge cut through on the world stage.”

“The portable Airbow nail gun, which is completely waterproof, can, quite literally, drive a long nail through thick wood framing, powered simply by small amounts of air – no combustible gas, electronics, battery or hose needed. Airbow has already secured a three-year exclusive deal with Placemakers.

“Hammerforce’s air powered technology offers a significant step change in how mechanical devices are activated. The company is beginning to apply this technology to other global industries.

“The future is exciting,” says Andy Coster.

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