Hammerforce announces major global deal

Published May 17, 2021

New Zealand IP company Hammerforce has announced an exclusive deal, worth tens of millions of dollars, with a leading global multi-national construction company to licence Hammerforce’s ground-breaking valve-actuation technology.

Hammerforce CEO, Andy Coster said this latest agreement, combined with a number of other significant licencing partnerships which the company has already formed, will fundamentally change how mechanical and industrial devices around the world are activated. 

“We’re thrilled to have signed this global deal and to be working with the company to revolutionise the way their products operate, providing them significant competitive advantage. 

“It’s further proof that our patented valve actuation technology is capable of transforming the way mechanical products are developed, and because we use only air, we’re also shaping a more sustainable future. 

“The technology reinvents compressed air as a power source, and it can be applied to any product or industry that requires high force delivered quickly. The result is a powerful force that uses significantly smaller amounts of air to achieve a better result which has distinct advantages over traditional pneumatic, hydraulic, combustion, battery, or electrical power options used in industrial, mechanical devices.” 

“Force mechanisms are used every day so there’s enormous potential for our valve-actuation technology to be applied across a wide range of global industries. We are currently working with a number of other multi-national companies across a range of different industries, and we will be announcing these details once finalised. 

“We’re excited about the future,” says Andy. 

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