Hammerforce secures global IP licensing deal with FTSE100 company

Published October 28, 2021

IP-licensing company, Hammerforce, has signed a multi-million dollar exclusive global licencing agreement with a FTSE100 company that will lead to the design and delivery of a range of fully customised end-products that use Hammerforce’s ground-breaking valve technology.

Hammerforce CEO, Andy Coster, talking from the London office, said “Securing another multi-year partnership deal with a leading global company in a completely different industry is further proof that our novel valve technology is transforming the way many industrial sectors operate.

“Hammerforce’s patented valve system has novel features which allow improved designs in two distinct types of valve application. The first is in flow control valves where the unique balancing and compact size allow cost effective applications in situations where there are ‘difficult’ constraints in controlling the flow of gasses or liquids in industrial processes. The second type is pulse flow valves where the technology allows significant performance improvements over current options within a simple, durable design. The performance benefits and high efficiency of the pulse flow valve system allows it to be paired with a very high-pressure gas source such as compressed air enabling applications into piston and launcher applications, particularly those requiring remote or portable deployments.

“As well as performance advantages, Hammerforce’s valve solutions have inherent size and cost benefits, while the ‘green’ air-powered piston and launcher devices also have compelling ESG, sustainability, safety, and supply chain benefits that ‘dirty’ legacy power sources can’t match.

“We are currently working with companies across a diverse range of industries and we’re really excited to be partnering with this company to develop a range of fully customised end-products,” said Mr Coster.

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